Sally Stevens’ first solo photography exhibit “STREET SCENES & OTHER JOURNEYS” was presented at A Studio Gallery in October of 2003. A second exhibit was held in August of 2004, also at “A Studio Gallery”, which is located in Studio City, California.

Her work has also been seen in the exhibit “LES VISIONS D’AMERIQUE” a collection of American women photographers’ works exhibited in the village of Ternay France in May of 2002, in a student exhibit at the Armand Hammer Gallery, Westwood Village, California in 2001 and in a group exhibit “SNOW SHOW” at A Studio Gallery, in December of 2003.

She is currently working on two book projects - the first one, which has grown out of a collection of archival photographs she created of film scoring sessions in Los Angeles, will include composers and the musicians who perform their film music, plus interviews with some of the composers about their own journeys into the work of film score composition.

The second is a book of black and white photographic portraits of women and children in temporary residence at the Union Rescue Mission in the “skid row” district of downtown Los Angeles. The book is a collection of photographs and interviews which took place over a six month period in 2003, and was originally conceived to be used as part of a fund raising effort toward the construction of a Temporary Family Housing Shelter. The idea grew out of Sally’s wish to provide black and white portrait photographs of the children for the mothers in residence there, who might otherwise never have had these remembrances of their children.

She prepared a photographic essay about L'Arche community in Clinton, Iowa, in summer of 2004. “L’Arche” is an organization originally established in France by the Catholic Church. It is a cooperative effort of volunteers and professionals who have chosen to dedicate their lives to creating and sharing “group households” with developmentally disabled adults. This creates the possibility of living environments for the disabled where they can be part of family units, providing another option to the sometimes inevitable necessity of “institutional” living. The staff of L’Arche provide assistance, care and emotional support, and help the disabled to live fulfilling and productive lives as part of a “normal” community.

Her most recent Solo Photography Exhibits are: ASPECTS OF LIGHT (2004) A Studio Gallery, FILM SCORING: BEHIND THE SCENES (2005) A Studio Gallery (this is an ongoing work in progress, a series of environmental portraits of film composers at work on the scoring stages in Los Angeles) and POEMS FROM THE ROAD (2007) A Studio Gallery - an exhibit which combined photography with text from a collection of poetry she wrote.

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